Character Count Online Tool & Word Counter

Free Character Count Online Tool which counts the number of characters, words and letters in a text, very useful when there is limit to post characters, like twitter status, SMS etc.To start counting your letters, simply write or paste the text into the text area and count characters

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Character Count Online & Word Count Online Tool Free


Character Count Online Tool is a free online character count, words count and white spaces count tool. Best Tool Online to Count Letters, Words and White Spaces etc. Manually letter counting is too much difficulties and time taking activity. So we developed an instant letter counter for you that work immediately and display results on Key press or Past Text.

Instant Results: This Characters Counter tool will provide you instant results and immediately shown when you type or copy paste something. Amazing things is it’s very simple & easy to use and completely FREE.

What this Character Counter Provide you?

  1. Character count online with space.
  2. Total number of words.
  3. Spaces used in the given text.
  4. You can easily find the count number of characters online without space.

How to Use this Online Character Count Tool ?

  • This Character Counter Tool is very simple and easy to use
  • Just start typing or copy/paste the text in the Box.
  • The Word Counter and Chars Counts start instantly and display the number of characters, words and white spaces in your text


So, what’s an online character count tool good for?

If you’re not one of those good fellas who love to play with words (I mean writers), you’ll probably be in the category of people who can’t wait to complete a piece of writing just as soon as it started. You’ll probably find yourself counting the words and characters on your work screen until you slowly crawl to the target character count. Then there are the good fellas, the writers. They love to see characters form into words and then into sentences, then into paragraphs and subsequently large voluminous sumptuous reads. these guys easily get carried away with colluding words and could go well over a character or word limit where there is one.

Whichever category you are in, one thing is for sure, you’ll need the online character count tool. The tool will help to check your writing when you’re getting too excited, or show you just how many more characters there are to go when you’re a little behind.

This may not really be an issue to most of us as Microsoft Word is already equipped with a word counting tool (it is generically located at the bottom left corner of the page when typing)- but in most cases, some computers do not have the Microsoft Word installed in them, so what now?

Imagine you had a writing assignment or a project to complete with limits set at say 1000 or 1500 characters. How do you stay on track and not exceed the word or character count?

This is how you do it - with the online word and/or character counting tool.

A character count online tool is a tool that provides instant character count & word count statistics for a given text. The tool is equipped and designed to report the number of characters with spaces or without spaces, the number of words, sentences or paragraphs in each text.

It is a real time word counting tool that can accurately determine the number of words, sentences, characters, paragraphs, and space in each text or document. There are various online word counting tools out there and each one of them has its own uniqueness. Some online character count tools show which words are the most used in your text or document (with percentage on each word’s usage), some can determine the average sentence length (in characters) of the whole text or document. The online character counting tool can also be used when writing a tile-map collision as it can easily be used to calculate the width, height and ensure no tile is missed during the word count.

A whole lot of applications are equipped with this tool in order to make character counting easier for its users on these applications. As stated earlier, these tools can be found online and most, if not all, are free and easy to use. So, if you ever urgently need a counting tool for your projects, essay, assignment or whatever, you can always try out this Character Counter Online.